Terms of Service


"User": The individual or organization that accepts to use thisservice. "Service": The SMM panel and related services offered on ourwebsite.

General Terms:

  • Users can use our services by accepting these Terms of Service.
  • Users are obliged to comply with local, national, andinternational laws.
  • Membership and Account Security:
  • The user's account information is considered private andconfidential.
  • Choosing a password for account security is the user'sresponsibility.
  • Any issues arising on related social media platforms afterpurchasing the service are under the user's control. Ourbrand does not accept any responsibility.


Payments for the service should be made using the methodsspecified on our website. You can contact us for details aboutthe refund policy or review our refund policy page.

Service Restrictions:

It is forbidden to misuse any service or engage in activitiesthat degrade the quality of the service. In cases of excessivedemand, misuse of the service, or harm to the service, youraccount may be suspended. Exploiting system vulnerabilities and misusing the services is also prohibited. In such situations, your balance will be reset without warning, and your account will be closed.


The user's personal data is protected with high-level securitymeasures. Intellectual Property: All content, logos, and other visualelements on our site are our property and are protected bycopyright.


We reserve the right to make changes to these Terms of Service. Changes will be announced on our website.


In cases of misuse, we reserve the right to terminate youraccount without any notification. There is no option to cancelthe services ordered. Orders are processed automatically andinstantly.

Limitation of Liability:

The user uses our services while accepting the possible risks. Services are provided "as is" and have no warranty other thanthe specified guarantees.

Legal Disputes:

Any disputes arising from or related to these Terms of Service are subject to European Union laws, and exclusive jurisdictionis given to the judicial bodies of the European Union.


For questions, you can reach us at  hi@junglesmm.com